Manual washers

Among a dozen manual workshop washers, which allow you to clean relatively small elements and slightly larger items, we offer washers, which we provide free of charge in exchange for the purchase of a washing liquid.

Automatic washers

Automatic washers They are perfect for repair and renovation workshops. They are maintenance-free devices. Just insert the dirty element, turn it on, and the car wash will handle all dirt ...

Cabin washers

Cabin washer - pressure it will find its place wherever precision and high washing accuracy is required using very high pressure and a water preparation heated to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius ...

Biological washers

Biological washer is a device friendly to humans and the environment. The solvent-based organic compound for washing is replaced by a preparation containing natural microorganisms, which are great in the process of washing and degreasing dirty surfaces ...

Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleanersare innovative devices designed especially for professionals. Ultrasonic cleaning gives very high efficiency and optimal cleaning quality. Ultrasound is one of the best cleaning solutions ...

DPF FAP regeneration

Machine for DPF regeneration is a device that regenerates the filters of passenger cars, trucks and buses. The precision DPF device completely removes the residues ...

Sandblasters and Filter fans

Cabin sandblasters are used for cleaning and restoration of parts, matting surfaces, cleaning aluminum rims, parts of the brake system and for removing rust, paint and sediment. Thorough cleaning takes place in a closed system.

Shot blasting machines

Shot blaster is a device facilitating the process of abrasive blasting. Contrary to stereotypes, by shot-blasting we do not get a much rougher surface than during the sandblasting process.

Grinding tables

Grinding tables are devices designed to remove dust generated during grinding, irreplaceable in carpentry or paint shops. Thanks to them, we gain clean and comfortable work stations. The sucked dust is collected in drawers.

Tire changers

Tire changers passenger cars and delivery vans with or without an attachment for low-profile wheels and the RUN FLAT type. Range of diameters of mounted tires From 13 "to 24".


Vulcanizers for repairing all kinds of tires and tubes, including large industrial machines. Large frame size corresponding to the parameters of the largest tires and tubes. Hot vulcanization method.

Washers for wheels and rims

Washers for wheels and rims for bus and truck wheels with all types of rims and tires, with and without a water heating system, and a pneumatic wheel loading and unloading unit, with an additional pneumatic wheel push-off system.

Washers for washing guns

Spray gun washes they are safe and easy to use. More than a dozen models of solvent or water based gun washers, from manually operated to fully automatic machines.

Accessories for workshop washers

Accessories and components dedicated to workshop washers. Oil separators, baskets for details, pumps, pneumatic switches, etc. Also small accessories in the form of protective gloves and aprons.

Chemicals for workshop washers

Professional agents used in the process of washing, cleaning and degreasing. Solutions dedicated to various types of workshop washers, guaranteeing optimal results.

Why workshop washers with us?

Lowest prices

Why can we offer you the lowest prices for workshop washers? The reason is simple. Because we work with many producers, wholesalers, etc. All promotions and discounts that are available with them also apply to us ...

Delivery time

Why do we have such a good way of delivery, order fulfillment? All devices offered by the producers cooperating with us are available on our website. You have various workshop washers gathered in one place.

Leasing Loan

Financing of workshop washers. Most of the equipment is financed with leasing or credit. As we have set ourselves the goal of a comprehensive action - we can help you in obtaining funds to finance your investment.

Car repair shops are developing year by year, increasing the quality of services. To a large extent, it is related to the increasing maintenance of cleanliness of work, increasing care for the cleanliness of the repaired engine parts, gearboxes and subassemblies, which is related to increasing the comfort of work. It all comes down to the technological development of washing equipment.

More and more perfect washing devices are produced, and new chemicals are added to them, thanks to which repair shops can be better equipped. Continuous technological development and growing competition constantly increase the quality of the offered services, which has a great impact on the owners of other workshops to also improve the quality of work, by keeping the repaired elements clean.

This is reflected in the fact that there are constantly improved and more precise cleaning devices, such as cabin car washes, automatic car washes and DPF regeneration devices.

Looking back 5-10 years ago, the demand for washing devices was much lower, then the devices purchased by a few car workshops did not have such precise parameters and such a solid structure, and at the same time the standard of ergonomic work as today. In the past, manual car washes were often the preferred device for medium-sized workshops or those large authorized services. The demands of car repair shop customers are getting higher and higher.

Not only in large workshops and authorized services, but also in smaller workshops, and even in one-person companies, there is a need for modern technologies and reliability of washing devices to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. That is why the standard of the cleaning equipment purchased is also changing.

Manual car washes in these larger workshops are quickly replaced by cabin, basket or ultrasonic washers. Very often, the main need of such services and workshops are devices for the regeneration of DPF filters. From year to year, the awareness of business owners and employees about the quality and cleanliness of work has grown so much that even small workshops providing vehicle repair services are sold not only manual car washes, but also such innovative devices as cabin washers and devices for DPF filter regeneration.